Probably one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the World, here at Marshwood Vale Cider we are proud to be creating new flavours which hopefully cater for all tastes.

mead-75cl-2014-unflattenedThe original Mead we began with is a Traditional Mead, loads of full on honey flavours and at 14.5% abv ideal for that after dinner settler.



blood wine 750mlx2Whilst trawling the internet one night I came across an old recipe from the Nordic countries for Vikings Blood, turns out they used to flavour their Mead as it was pretty tasteless. The original idea was to add Cherry Juice when available, after the first trial using Juice I quickly realised I had just ruined a batch of Mead. With a little more experimentation I found the ideal combination, Cherry Wine and Traditional Mead. A truly unique combination.

ginger-mead-75cl-2014aWith the Autumn of 2014 fast approaching my thoughts turned to Winter Warmers, the ultimate to me would be the addition of a top quality Ginger Wine to the Traditional Mead, after taking 6 hours to get the Vikings Blood blend correct I knew this could take some time. I was amazed that after just 10 minutes it was spot on, I am sure anybody that likes Ginger will agree.

french-cardinalThe French Connection came about following a discussion in the local pub about flavours of drinks in general, I popped out to the van and grabbed a bottled of Mead for them all to try, one of my mates had a taste and whilst he really liked the flavour he suggested that the addition of Star Anise would finish it off nicely for him. 2 weeks later The French Connection was born.


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3 Responses to Mead

  1. Mr Paul McGuire says:


    Following his annual jaunt down to your neck of the woods over the past few years for his holiday, my neighbour began to bring back a bottle of your Viking Blood mead for me the past 2 years, which I have to say I find it simply divine and absolutely lush. Therefore, I wish to enquire the cost of a bottle and/or case of Viking Blood please, as I have been unable to locate a price list on your website?

    Many thanks and kind regards,

  2. John Simcock says:

    just had a glass of your ginger mead in the Lord Poulett.
    Really enjoyed it. Not too sweet or cloying.
    How do we buy some?
    John – I enjoy my grub – Simcock.

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